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Open PDF with seperate pdf app / better reachable Context menu for pdf or other files



When you klick on a pdf it is opend in Evernote. for a quick view it ist ok but when you want to search for a Word or something else you must open the PDF in a seperate PDF app. The way to get there is ist very laborious.

1. You have to save the pdf to the memory on the Tablet/Phone.

2. You have to start the PDF app seperatly

3. You have to search the location on the Phone where you saved the pdf (On android this can be very difficult alone)

In the leagcy Version you could open the pdf in seperate app with only one click. I thing this is big break in the workflow and is very laborious.


There ist a Contextmenu for pdf but it ist very difficult to reach.

First you have to klick in the note, (Not on the pdf), then you must klick in the same line of the pdf, but not on the pdf.

In the bottom line pops up a menu where you can click on the 3 dotes to get the Context-Menu. for the pdf

But in there is no feature to open the pdf in a seperate PDF APP. It works only with the Workaround above.

there is a Point to share, Export and more but when you klick on that you can only export it to google drive or somthing similar.




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This is a known issue of the v10 apps, on desktop as well.

Current status is "EN is working on it, release date unknown". I share your frustration, especially when you have a large pdf document. 

The best workaround on the desktop is to use the legacy client. On mobile I know no way around the export and search in another app.

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In the Android app in my Galaxy S21 and in my Galaxy Tab S7 even the " You have to save the pdf to the memory on the Tablet/Phone " don't work. I can't open pdfs in other apps and I can'tsave and share it if I want

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In v10.9 I can tap on the PDF in a note and it opens up inside Evernote PDF viewer:

To save a PDF to the device you have to be in note edit mode and then tap on the PDF. Above keyboard some symbol appear. Tap download symbol:

It's confusing, because you have to be carful if you're in note view or note edit mode.

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