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Managing Tags (getting rid of tags with no notes)

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Specific Question: How can I delete a tag that I am not longer using?

The tag has no notes associated with it, but it still appears in my tag list - which is very cluttered since it has 10 years worth of tags in it (yes, I've been using Evernote for a very long time).


General Question: Are there best practices for managing my tags so they more effectively serve as an organizational structure?

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You can view all tags in the tags section and see how often a tag is used. By clicking on a tag you get the notes selected with that tag.

I sometimes review my tags, and usually catch a few that have not been assigned often. There may be a specific use to them, or they are relatively new. But sometimes they are a twin to another tag used more often. Then I select these notes by clicking the tag, assign the tag that will stay and then delete the tag that is no longer needed.

A desktop client is needed for that, because being able to select multiple notes at once is very important to do this quickly. The legacy client is still better for this housekeeping actions than the v10-version.

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9 hours ago, gleicher said:

How can I delete a tag that I am not longer using?

Just to support what @PinkElephantsaid. You need the main tags window obtained by clicking "Tags" in the sidebar and not the sidebar itself. You can then either right click the tag or use the three dots menu that appears when you hover over it to perform actions like deleting. You can sort the tags by note count but that obviously  only works for the level of the hierarchy currently in the view. It might be useful if you don't have a deeply nested structure.


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Thank you! The "main tags" window was the secret. Even Evernote tech support didn't tell me that!

There is a similar "edit tags" on the iPad version, so you can do this there as well.

Edit tags (and its desktop client version) have all sorts of good stuff.

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