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Sync between ios and mac not working anymore.

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I had an issue syncing up my mac evernote so I upgraded it and then it still didnt sync. I decided to try to update my ipad and iphone. They were syncing fine but after update my phone evernote no longer works. It either locksup and crashes or opens up lets you in and then shuts down a few minutes later. My ipad seems to sync up but nothing is coming over to my mac.

is there any point for trying legacy since it wasnt working before?

it shouldnt be this hard. I have used evernote for years for one main reason, convince, im disabled and dont have the time to soend all day troubleshooting over a note taker.

So my question is this. Is this probably a simple fix? (Suggestions) or is this one of a bunch of ongoing issues? I saw a number of similar posts. I need to be up and running one way or another soon.

any suggestions or advice appreciated. I have tried the basics, reinstall, restart, etc,  im not  overly concerned with my evernote iPhone app. Primary concern is mac evernote to ios and back.


(im using an older ipad air and 2015 macbook pro if it makes a difference)


thanks in advance.


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My Mac Pro quit synching a few days ago. Apparently there is no longer a way to force a synch. I updated to the newest version, but that didn't help. I tried signing out and back in; no luck. I don't want to reinstall because I'm afraid I'll lose several days' work. It has made the program pretty useless to me.

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