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.pdf zoom not working

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I have been creating large pdf files in Excel for years (appx. 10) since the last update, there seems to be a limit to how much I can zoom in. I have a Samsung Galaxy S9 model SM-G960U. Android version 10. Baseband version G960USQS9FUB2. Evernote version 10.5.1

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Same problem here on my Android App: the zoom-in factor is too limited way too much. On smaller devices like smartphones it's almost  impossible to use now.

The PDF zoom feature on Android devices  was excellent and satisfying until about 6 months ago.

How come, it was changed to be usseless now and never been fixed ever since!! I won't renew my subscription until this is fixed.

A workaround for users meanwhile: I am downloading the PDFs from Evernote and open them from the Download section of my Android devices via Acrobat Reader. 

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