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In general there are no multi-note-options on the mobile clients.

At least for the iOS client there have never been any.

It would be nice to get them, especially on larger, powerful devices like the iPad.

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Agreed.  Also the ability to merge and create a "Table of Contents" note would be nice to re-appear.

It used to be in the web version, going back to around 2015, as I remember, but I have to go back to Legacy to do it on desktop.

I use EN on Chromebook a great deal so having the feature on the web version (which is more stable on a Chromebook than the Android for me) would be the best place.


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Not sure about Android, but prior to today this was also failing in the Windows desktop

As I was about to submit a support ticket on that, I noticed that it is now working as designed, so I suspect it was a server-side fix?

Anyway, right now it is working in Windows

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