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Latest "forced" update (popup seemed to present no option) is quite a slap in the face.  Not a whisper about the downgrades (lost features, functions & control).  Have never felt so betrayed by a trusted tool before.  Thank God a reinstall of legacy version will buy some time to find an alternative - realistically, looking at the new interface suggests little interest in recovering prior functionality.  I don't have time to "learn to love it" - abandoned on discovering the most up-front disasters, including:

- lost ability to drag-n-drop attachments out of EN (e.g. to Outlook)

- no option to default-display PDFs as attachments

- no customizable menu bar, "All Notes" buried in side panel

- shortcuts & searches redirect focus to target note, obscuring top-panel list display

- automatic firstline=title behavior gone

- no access to create/update dates/times

- templates retain original create date, no facility to re-date daily log template

- no auto-upload folders

I had to contrive half a dozen workarounds within minutes of install - inefficient, irritating beyond belief.


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Hi.  Sympathies with the frustration,  but a lot of people are just continuing on Legacy while we wait for Evernote to get the new app fixed properly. If they give up - there'll be time to bail out;  but you never know - they might (maybe,  possibly...) actually get this fixed! 

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Hope so.  My gut feel is that EN is moving inexorably towards a lighter/prettier concept where aesthetics drown functionality.  Maybe there's more $ in an airy approach than there is in catering to the data-dense professional user who sees EN as the core dashboard, library, and data portal of his existence.  The whole experience reminded me (a Mac-tolerant Windows diehard) of trying to help my kids when their schools inflicted Chromebooks upon them - now I know what one feels like the morning after having a stroke!


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18 minutes ago, Schooner said:

My gut feel is that EN is moving inexorably towards a lighter/prettier concept where aesthetics drown functionality.

No idea about aesthetics, but I know EN is moving towards a concept that supports a common code base between platforms
and allows for enhancements in development and delivery of features 
The current code base is quite platform specific

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I don't oppose the "concept" - though I confess to having philosophical doubts (is it really a great thing that I can find McDonalds in Mumbai or that a BMW interior is indistinguishable from that of a Hyundai?  A culture that values both global harmonization and diversity is suffering from cognitive dissonance).  I suppose my own bias would be an iterative process of (1) continuous evolution of the windows app (2) let the webGUI catch up for the remaining 10%, in both cases with a focus on the paying customer (end-user, to the exclusion of competing "customers" - we've suffered through some weird EN adventures over the years when they were obviously concerned only with user count).  My fear for EN over 12 years has been that it devolves to a cute universal scrapbook - which is clearly one of the potential outcomes as the game evolves (when we started, simply syncing files across machines was a PITA; so was coalescing textual commentary with filetypes; there are numerous alternatives at-the-ready now.  EN has to do something uniquely well to survive).

What I do unequivocally condemn is: under the guise of harmonizing the platform, going commercial with the lowest common denominator.


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When I look back, I see a bunch of native clients and a company struggling to keep up with OS updates. Instead of innovating, EN was just trying to keep things running. This would not have worked for much longer, the ratio between resources invested into the status quo and new features was just too bad.

The framework approach has its downsides as well, but at least the devs now can focus on the app itself, leaving the handling of the OS interaction to the framework. Using the framework does not mean the app is not unique any longer - it does mean there are underlying restrictions. This is the theory behind the v10-clients. We will see if they succeed in getting the new clients competitive, in terms of performance, quality and features. Still a way to go ...

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