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I cannot remove app from computer because it's not owned by me, but want to remove my content from computer and keep online

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I foolishly downloaded the Evernote app to a work-issued computer. So now my non-work-related content in Evernote is not private.

I tried to remove the Evernote app from the computer but got the message that I'm unable to do that -- that I have to go an admin at the company who owns the computer to remove the app. 

I'm not hearing back from them.

Can I leave the app on the computer but remove all content from computer while still keeping it intact online?

All suggestions appreciated!!

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Hi.  Open Evernote and go to the File menu.  Choose to sign out of the app.  Now someone needs your user name and password to get access.  When you're back home,  look into 2-factor authorisation to make sure no-one can sign in even if they have your user details.  If you have access on the work computer,  just uninstall the app. 

DO NOT delete anything from your account unless you want it gone everywhere - all changes get synced back to the server.

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