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Evernote Notes, Notebooks and Tags upper limit

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Hi Everyone,

Does the Evernote''s limits as speicified on wehpage: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209005247-Evernote-system-limits still apply? 

I understand that Evernote needs to limit users in terms of total amount of data they can occupy on their servers, however, a limits in terms of number of notes, tags and notebooks does not make much sense to me. 

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afaik  Yes, the limits still apply

>>limits in terms of number of notes, tags and notebooks does not make much sense to me. 

These are arbitrary limits and could be changed (the notebook limit was raised)
but there may be performance considerations

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For an individual user the limits to me seem pretty generous. For a business account there may be some pain, especially when the company is a little larger than a mom-and-pop-shop.

To get around, a second account may help. Share older content there, then make a copy of that content, move it to another place, unshare (first !) and then delete the content from the first account. Use the second account as a archive.

Unless you need advanced options, you can probably run it on Basic, and only take it to Premium for a single month when adding content. If you implement it as a yearly routine, it means 1 month of Premium to be paid every year.

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