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Purchase of Premium subscription not reflecting on account

Helen S



I am a long time user and have had a Premium subscription through App Store for years.

My subscription is renewed annually on 17 February. This year I paid on 17 February as usual.  However, on 1 March I was downgraded to Basic and my purchase is no longer reflecting on my account.

I contacted App Store, but the problem is with Evernote, not with App Store. I submitted a ticket to Evernote on 1 March and included my receipt from App Store, but I still haven’t heard anything. How long does it usually take to get a reply?

Anyone experiencing the same issue?

I use my notes for work every day and now I can’t edit them, so this can’t last much longer.

Thanks in advance!

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I am on day 8 of waiting for an answer from EN support.

I the meantime, I found this solution:

1) On day 2, EN sent me an email with a «special offer» valid «only for 14 days» with a 40% discount on Premium if I subscribed directly with them. The email was sent to me even if I at the time already had a Premium subscription, bought through App Store – a subscription that EN didn’t detect.

2)  I first got a refund from App Store for the whole amount. Then I subscribed through EN instead, using their «special offer».

I have subscribed through App Store since 2014 without problems. I suspect the whole thing to be some kind of advanced marketing technique from EN so that I subscribe directly with them instead of App Store …

Thanks for reading this and for your time!

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