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performance with larger Note

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I finally tried the new Android version of Evernote and immediately tested for long standing issues that I had with legacy Evernote.  

With the legacy version medium size notes would take a long time to open, then take a lot more time to be ready to edit, and sometimes would respond slowly to inputs.  I tried one note using the new version and the performance is much better.  The note opens quickly, is ready to edit immediately, and responds to editing inputs as expected.  That's a worthwhile improvement.  

I tested again with a large note and this time performance was terrible.  The note displayed immediately but then the app was completely unresponsive, soon displayed the app isn't responding message, and I had to cancel.  It's hard to compare with the legacy app because there's a lot of variability in the behavior of both, but the new version is at least as bad and maybe worse.  

I thought that the new apps were going to fix problems with the old architecture.  It's disappointing that they haven't corrected this major performance problem.

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