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(Archived) Photos on beta


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I can't get my pictures to "snap" to fit the screen. I have to zoom in or out, and it is never just right. Is that just me?

Also, being able to view pictures, and other notes, in full screen would be nice, as others have mentioned.

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As for a workaround, when open your snapshot note, click on menu and select Fit to screen. For most of my snapshots, click the zoom in button twice and you should able to see the full snapshot.

We have a bug to try to "fit" the width of the snapshot and will be fixed in the future.

Thank for your feedback

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The "fit to screen" only appears after I have clicked on "original size". And even then it does not really fit to the screen, I still have to scroll horizontally when it portrait mode and vertically when in landscape. I think the landscape might actually fit, though, were it not for the headers, if it was showing in "full screen".

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