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ACCESS TO IMAGES IN V10 - Can't copy images stored in Evernote, which is the most important function!

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I sent this as "feedback" at least 5 times already, still not a single reply and absolutely no change in the application:

I have a gigantic Evernote database which I access all the time to copy texts and images into documents, online posts etc.

I search for the right note, locate the correct image (there can be dozens, sometimes over 100 images in a single note), Ctrl+C the text or image, then paste it where I need it.


The "copy" menu option does NOT copy the image to the Windows buffer.


I tried the "Open" function, which occasionally opened the image in my standard image viewer, but almost never. That would not be a permanent solution, anyway, as it would add an additional step and given the intense use I make of this function, it would represent a significant nuisance.

Take a typical operation: I create a note, use it to store 10-20 pictures, then go through the list to standardize the format, e.g. I want every image to have the same width, say 800 or 1000 pixels. So I copy a picture, paste it into an image manipulation utility, resize it, copy & paste it back into Evernote. For a large number of images, I'll save all the images on disk, then use a batch utility to transform them and re-import the images, but for a small number of pictures, it's faster manually. In the V10, that's impossible.

So my question is:


I have the very strong suspicion that this was done intentionally, for some mysterious and unpleasant reason. Is this about copyright? Do you want to stop your users from copying images that they imported because someone (...) complained about "copyright"?

That would be unacceptable - it is entirely up to each user to know the rights he has to all the material he stores on Evernote. It can be material the user owns or stores for private or fair use, so it is not up to Evernote to interfere with this content.

If you intentionally sabotaged the most important function of Evernote and do not have the intention of restoring it, have the honesty to admit that you basically rendered Evernote useless. If I can't use all the content I stored in Evernote for my work, then there's no point in having Evernote. I'm sure there are other tools that will do what I used Evernote for over the past 10 years or so.

I also hope that it isn't true what I've been reading, namely that the full database does not get downloaded for continuous off-line access, which is an absolute necessity.

I want to be able to use all my Evernote data even if I have no internet access or disconnect from the Internet on purpose, e.g. for security reasons.

I also want to be sure that I have a full local copy, just in case someone at Evernote should decide to start censoring content, as Google does with their online drive - they intentionally deleted user content with spurious excuses, which is criminal!

I have lost my faith in any corporation that is based in California.

If you cannot guarantee that user data is stored on your servers fully encrypted and inaccessible to anyone at Evernote, then using Evernote might not be a trustworthy system after all...

Maybe I'm completely wrong and you simply didn't get around to restoring all the functionality from version 6, but that would be very surprising. V10 was released quite a while ago. The absence of a core function cannot be an oversight and it most definitely does not represent a significant development effort. As developer, I'd say it should not take more than a few hours to implement - actually much less, as you clearly provide the function to copy within Evernote. All you have to do is store the same content in the Windows clipboard. Not doing so is obviously intentional.

I do look forward to your reply and wonder why I never received one based on my previous feedback comments...

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I have lost my faith in any corporation that is based in California.

I think that you are seriously limiting your view.  It's not about California, it's about the current corporate structure.  This is what modern corporations do.  It's a systematic issue, not a geographic one.  

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The new EN is practically an app running inside of a browser (framework). This is why they need to teach many things to the app that would usually be done by the OS. Using the framework was decided because it makes the app independent from the OS. When the OS is changed, the framework supplier takes care - EN can focus on the own app. The downside is that the app is somewhat shielded from using OS functions.

Currently the main export for attachments is to download them, and use them from the download directory. Not a good workflow, no doubt about this. Using cmd-c / cmd-v now works again, and drag&drop as well, at least on the Mac client. So I think that at least this workflow issue should be solved by now.

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