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Make the Camera default from Auto, to Photo.

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I work as a technician in a factory. Taking photos for creating notes is a way of life for me. Holding a part in one hand, while taking a photo of it with my phone in the other is a hassle when the camera is on AUTO. Is there a way to keep it on photo?



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When I create a new note using the green „New Note“ button, there are options behind the arrow right of the text on the button.

When I choose „Take Photo“ from the pop up menu, the app is set by default on Photo, not on automatic mode.

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Hi PinkElephant,

Yes, what you said is correct. Sorry, my explanation needs to cleared up further.

When I have a note open, like I'm creating a note and have created some text already. I then go to the Blue Circled Plus sign at the very left of the format bar at the bottom of the note window, I press that, then the insert window comes up and I select camera. It always comes up as AUTO, in green directly above the shutter circle. And Photo is off to the right. I would like PHOTO to always be selected there. 



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Just a suggestion - anyone tried using the camera app to add pictures to the phone,  then shared them with Evernote later?

Also useful to know: are we talking about Evernote v10 or Legacy Android?

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We are talking about adding settings here, in this case to preselect the camera function from automatic mode to Foto mode.

Sure, could be done. But if I take this further, any function that offers options picks the wrong default for some users. Else there would be no options, and one must be preselected.

In the end we have an app that is completely bloated, because instead of just running the code, it needs to read the individual settings to get it „right“. That is a lot of „if - then - else“ to handle.

A side effect is that a lot of users get lost in such settings. I think it is ok as it is, it is one click after opening the camera app to switch it.

@gazumped I take pictures all the time with the camera tool first. Then I improve them with the automatic filters in the fotos app, and share them into EN. This works better than taking them in EN, exporting them, doing the editing and sending them back - or better create a new note with them.

When importing through the + button they go right where I want to get them.

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I am desperate for photo to become the default instead of Auto.  The camera always goes to auto and now if I do get the camera to go to photo it freezes and won't allow me to compose the image.  If I want to go back into a note I cannot add a photo unless it is Auto which often takes images I dont want !!!My business uses Evernote all the time and has done for many years but in becoming more sophisticated it has become much worse to use and you can wait days for Evernote help to get back to you.  Please stop developing and address the problems you already have Evernote please. The other thing is that the drop down box for inserts cuts off the top of 

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Hi folks.  Just for information - the three dots menu on each post allows you to report members of the Forum who do not take part in discussions in a constructive way.  It used to be possible to 'block' someone too - you'd never see their comments again - but that no longer seems possible due to upgrades outside Evernote's control. 

If you see something that merits a report - please send one in.  It's a big Forum and the admin staff can't watch everything.

Again for information - 

As a Moderator I have the power to nuke posts if necessary.  Please let's all play reasonably nicely,  no matter how keen you are to complain about stuff...

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