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Duplicate note - put the 'copy of' text at the end of the title




When duplicating a note, the new note title starts with 'Copy of...'  Assuming your notes are sorted alphabetically this puts the note somewhere else in the list of notes and you need to scroll to find it.  It would be better if '(copy)' text was appended to the end of the new note title, then it would appear right beside the current note in the list.

This is the same logic that windows 10 file manager uses when copying files (for the same reason I presume).

NB If your notes are sorted by 'date updated / date created' then the new note will appear at the top of the notebook list anyway regardless of the name.

Keep up the good work!

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Please implement this change. I use sorting heavily and every time the new copy goes off to far end of the list and I had to scroll a long time to fish for it.

Suggestion for the title of the copied notes if the original note is called "My Note":

My Note - copy #1

My Note - copy #2



If putting the "copy" wording at the end is too complicated, please at least switch the current note under edit to the new copy instead of staying with the original, so we don't have to fish for the copy just to change its title.

Can't live without Evernote - I'll tell you that much.  :-)



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Yes please!

My EN for Windows names duplicates as:
Copy of [note]

While my Android app will call duplicates:
[note] - Copy

Normally I shrug my shoulders at these kinds of differences in platforms and figure out my own solution but this is really frustrating.

I'm trying to basically create quick templates for notes with as few actions as possible*, so on Windows, I use the "Copy To" feature on the bookmarked templates, which are located in a different notebook. Works fine, I have to use my mouse a bit more than I'd like, but that takes 4 steps.

Then I realize a) there's no "Copy To" function in the Android app, so the closest thing is just duplicating, which is more intuitive and simple in the first place, but that means the template has to be in the same notebook.

At this point, I realize in order to make a quick copy of these exact same templates on these two platforms, I either have two choices:

1. I can suck it up and move my keyboard cursor to the beginning of the title to get rid of that "Copy of " every time I duplicate a note, which seems like a silly thing to get upset about, but seriously interrupts my workflow, OR
2. Even worse, I can bookmark two different copies of each template, and now I have two identical sets of bookmarks that I have to use for PC and phone, duplicated in two different folders, which is just so antithetical to the reasons that I adopted EN - simplifying and optimizing for efficiency - that it's almost offensive.

Standardize by having the Windows EN follow the default naming convention of appending "copy" at the end because this debate was settled so long ago.

*The built-in template features take like 10 actions and SO SLOW, plus I hate looking at the default templates
** Apologies if I'm cranky but in trying to optimize my workflow I've now spent an hour on this ><

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11 minutes ago, Mark. said:

This forum is listed as “Product Feedback/Feature Requests” for Windows 10… so I assumed that Evernote were using this as a way to request and track feature requests.

Is this wrong? Should feature requests be submitted through a support ticket?

You posted a feature request in the correct forum    
However don't expect an immediate followup from Evernote    
These forums are just one of the factors for setting development priorities

There's also an indicator of user support for a request via the vote button at the upper left corner of the discussion
(I added my vote)

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Ok seriously Evernote, this must be one of the quickest/easiest fixes to implement 😉  Has it made it onto the features list?

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The query was addressed to Evernote staff.

This forum is listed as “Product Feedback/Feature Requests” for Windows 10… so I assumed that Evernote were using this as a way to request and track feature requests.

Is this wrong? Should feature requests be submitted through a support ticket?

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@DTLow, many thanks for the info.  Do you know how long Evernote usually take to respond or acknowledge feature requests?  I note the original request was posted 3.5mths ago.

(Re-reading my intermediate post I can see that it's quite direct, so apologies if it caused offence to anyone.  I need to remember to be more circumspect in my requests for updates 😉 )

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EN does not acknowledge feature requests in the forum. They sometimes do in response to support tickets.

EN improved a lot in telling on what features they are currently working in the release notes. When an issue is mentioned there, it will be implemented with one of the releases. The topic of this thread is probably too small an issue to make it there.

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