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Ability to Copy/Paste images from Evernote to another application



This has not worked properly since the release of Evernote 10. Fixing the most basic stuff that used to be functional and isn't anymore with v10 is apparently considered a feature by EN support.

Better yet, try to use the Webclipper to clip a screenshot. Not only you cannot copy / paste outside of Evernote but you cannot open the image in an external editor and when you try to "Save as" you are supposed to manually add a file extension (guesswork here). Compare this with Evernote Legacy where the image was given a name and extension as expected.

Please let us copy / paste images from Evernote into other applications. So much for "press release worth functionality every quarter".

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After using Evernote for years this was finally the aggravation which drove me to this community for the first time.  I’m grateful for confirmation that copy and paste used to be simple but has been emasculated by EN For some reason.  Hope ya’ll fix it 

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