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Is it possible to replace Camscanner for EN built-in document camera ?

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14 hours ago, VernaStokes said:

I am using the EN Android app's document camera when I need to scan a sheet of paper and have the content OCR'ed. I recently heard about Camscanner. Does it offer any advantages over the built-in document camera?

Hi.  Not that I'm aware of...

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From what I have seen in the self description of the company offering the app, it has some nice features you don’t have with the EN build in scanner. But better read the fine print.

To use the nice(er) features, you need to subscribe. IMHO the scanner build into EN is completely up to the job of basic scanning - if Camscanners additional features are worth 50 bucks a year is up to you, and your use case. If I had the money to share, I would always take the EN Premium subscription. It does most of what Camscanner does in the paid model, plus plenty the scanner app doesn’t.

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