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Hacked and my accounts cleared out



Hi team,

I have a hacking case on hand and it has cost me more than USD80,000 of money gone. I tried to submit a security email, but there was no reply.

Here is how it started. The hacker hacked into my free account and instead of getting a notification that a third login is created and i need to log out from one of my access, the hacker instead upgraded my subscription (so that I was not prompted). The reason I know is because the credit card in my account now does not belong to me.

Next, i stored some information about my crypto wallet in my Evernote (that was stupid of me) and he got access and later cleared out all my funds. I know the hopes are really thin to get back the funds, but the closest thing to be finding out who he is will be through the credit card details which he submitted

I will need to request for the Evernote team to guide me to the person who I can speak to regarding this matter. 

I will patiently wait for a reply.

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My evernote was also hacked by someone in Vietnam. They deleted all my notes and then emptied the trash. I lost years of notes without a way to retrieve them. The fact that someone log in from another country and have access to delete everything without a security system coming into play is ridiculous. I've already removed the Evernote app from my phone and will not be recommending it.

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Impressive - double posting your own lack of proper account security.

Now that we know you are able to copy & paste your own posts, we can maybe proceed to how to protect an account from malicious access. Not sure you learned this lesson yet - even when you made a painful experience that your neglect can cost you dear.

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