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Not able to share PDF file attached in Evernote with different Android app (To Print or to email ..etc)

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I use ScanSnap IX 1600 to scan lots of document which saved as PDF inside new note in Evernote via the Cloud.

When I use Android evernote app, I would like to view the PDF, then share the PDF file with Printer or Gmail or other 3rd party Android app to Edit PDF.

When i try to share it via Google Drive or Printer app, it share the internal evernote path location as text file to Google Drive or printer . (Not the actual PDF file)

Am I missing something?  I can't seem to be able to do above.


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With v10, you need to download (export) the attached file to the devices memory first. Then sit or print from that downloaded version. No direct action on attachments as with prior versions. When done, you can’t push it back to the original note either. You need to create a new note. At least it is this with v10.5 on iOS, but the new clients are much closer twins than before.

IMHO this is one of the largest setbacks of v10 compared with the smooth interaction with other programs in the older versions.

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