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Expand & Collapse an Image/Picture Attachment In ONE CLICK! Yes!



It would be cool if I could do this!!!!


Right now, when you've set an image / picture / photo as an attachment (i.e. have it hidden), to change it to a viewable image, to reveal it, you have to click— like 3 times! 

If I could do it with one click, that would be better. 

Thoughts?  Think it'll ***** everything up?  Want it? Comments!

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Evernote has a feature for attachments like PDFs - view inline or view as attachment

Just tested on my Mac; images are always viewed inline - there is no view as attachment option
Images are always "open"   
Where are you doing all this clicking?

edit; It's a Version 10 feature

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Really?  You can't collapse images—from "inline" into "attachments"?

I can, with any kind of image. This is available on all platforms I believe. Here's a gif. 


And really...

It takes 3 clicks to collapse an image from "inline" to "attachment", and then expand it back, from "attachment" to "inline"!



CLICK #1: Click the image to make the menu pop up...



CLICK #2: Click the "3-dot" menu in the menu... that just popped up.



CLICK #3: Scroll down to the "VIEW AS" section of the next menu and hit either "Attachment" or "image."



That's it.



P.S.  How about a vote!  

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1 hour ago, Theday1smine said:

This is available on all platforms I believe.

Not available on Mac-Legacy, IOS-Version10, Web-Legacy    
Thanks for the details - it's a useful feature

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