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My google play subscription isn't detected by app



Recently my subscription was rebilled by google play store but evernote doesn't detect it, so I can't access my notes...

This very frustrating because most of my daily notes and work are there and I refuse to disconnect devices because I already paid!



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I have the exact same problem (but my subscription wasn't rebilled by Google Play but by App Store). 

On 1 March 2021 I was downgraded to Basic although I paid for Premium in February 2021.

I submitted a ticket on Monday 1 March but I still haven't heard anything.

Has your account been updated yet?

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Hi, I had to downgrade to basic plan too because my account still not detect my subscription. 

Also I contacted support and they told me somebody from the tech support will contact me to fix this but I have no answer yet... This was three days ago...


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Hi Ribs,

Thanks for the update. I am sorry to hear that it hasn’t been resolved yet.

I got an email telling me an agent from Evernote’s Billing team would get back to me. I am now on day 8 of waiting for an answer.

I have found a solution in the meantime and have updated my thread with the info. Premium is working fine now.

I hope you get your Premium subscription back soon!

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Hello, just to update this post my problem has been solved today (almost 2 weeks later).

As I said nobody contacted me as they were supposed to but I replied the email and in a few hours my account is premium again.

So I 'm glad it's working but I think evernote should fix this ASAP cause it's a bad user experience (at least for me because I use the app for my daily work).

Anyways, thanks for the reply 

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