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Add Evernote Legacy (8.13.3) as a separate package to Android play store



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Please!  For my purposes evernote is no longer functional.   I am a long time user I use it primarily on my android phone it to document glass art as I make it and to take notes on kiln schedules and other parts of the process.  I can no longer easily find a notebook in a stack, It takes forever to take a photo - then takes multiples, long after I have moved the camera and puts them in the wrong order. I then have to spend time on my computer straightening out evernote.  Using it is no longer fun or easy. Searching for a note or notebook on the android is a career in itself.  I want evernote to work, not to be work!  Please let me go back to a previous version without using some third party upload, and then having to turn off the updates on my phone.  If evernote makes work for me it has failed in its purpose. Right now it is failing.

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I vote for that too. At least for Android (I'm using it on Galaxy S21 and Tab S7) the version 10 is not working very well.

I need to be able to opens and share the pdfs that I have in my notes. But it's not possible anymore. The pdfs don't open in other apps and when I download it to my device the fil is always corrupted.

Offer the possibility to download the 8 version from Playstore. I had to download a app that I found in the Internet but I don't like to do it for obvious security issues.

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I sideloaded an old version of the Android apk but appears on the Google Play Store. So I unchecked "auto update", but it updated it to vers 10 overnight.

I hate that version, it makes Evernote slow and it feels bloated. If I can´t revert to legacy as I have in Window 10, I won´t renew my subscription and look for something else. Sad after 12 years as a customer. Talk about self-inflicted harm by the leadership of a company!

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