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This Legacy User Tried EN10 Again, Going Back to Legacy... Again

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Avid EN user since 2012. Business user since ~2017. I tried EN 10 when it first came out a few months ago. Liked some things, but others were dealbreakers, including:

  • Overall sluggishness: slow to load, slow to move around, even slow to type.
  • Loss of functionality, e.g., unable to move or tag more than 50 notes at a time (dealbreaker for my business use).
  • Using both my personal and business accounts at once. I cannot and will not stop everything I am doing and close all my open notes just to access a note in my Business account or vice versa.

Over the weekend (2/28/21) I tried the latest EN version. Again, some things have improved. But the "dealbreakers" are not improved. (I didn't check working with more than 50 notes at a time.)

I noticed another dealbreaker: In Business EN, when I filter by tag, it does not return notes in my private Business notebook. So the results are incomplete. And EN gives no indication that it is limiting my search results in this way. This is a big problem.

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