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Can't delete trash and Evernote not responding properly.



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No, usually it should work.

Do you use any local notebooks ?

If not, you could check if everything is on the server. Go to Evernote.com, log in, which will take you to the web client. Is the number of notes in „All notes“ identical to your EN client on the laptop ? Does a sync from the EN client  go through without an error message ?

If this is the case, you can simply erase the installation on your laptop. Since you say nothing about your laptop, it is hard to tell which programs could be used for a complete uninstall.

But read this before taking action:

  1. The old EN clients should run locally from an SSD. Running it from a HDD is possible, but not recommended. So if your old laptop still has an HDD (turning disk drive), replacing it by an SSD may solve many problems.
  2. The v10 client uses significantly more resources than the older ones. If your old client is already crawling, the new one will be worse. Here the SSD will not help that much, because the new client lives off CPU and RAM.
  3. Solving performance issues remotely is not a simple task. If the notebook is older than say 5-6 years, and you don’t know how to clean it up to make it faster again, professional help will probably cost a good percentage of a new laptop. And you will still have an old, although accelerated computer. So maybe a replacement is a better choice.
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