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Please bring it back to the iOS native app, not the web app.

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Please bring it back to the native app, not the web app.

I subscribed the Evernote for over eight years. For mac, I can use the legacy app. (I wouldn't say I like the new mac app).

For iOS, I can't bring back to use the legacy app when after updating the Evernote. I reported a lot of bugs. The critical issue is navigation. When I click the note, then the new Evernote creates a new screen. It isn't apparent to me.

What's the benefit of the new Evernote app for existing users??

Are you sure one platform is better than a native app? I lost many features like the apple watch app, offline features, and more.


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The iOS AppStore does not allow to install older versions of the same app. There is no direct install on iOS (at least not without a jailbreak). Any dev who wants 2 versions installed at the same time has to struggle to set it up.

IMHO EN iOS 10.5 is not that bad. Some features are still missing (like the watch app), others have returned (offline notebooks now work better than in the old client), and the new editor is an improvement. What really sucks is performance on older hardware. On newer devices it is quite o.k.

Since there is no way back, better get used to it.

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