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Version 10.5 is an utter failure: you can't clip web content (You read right: the app for clipping web content has an update that doesn't manage to do so!)

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I'm now in week two of update purgatory. The help center and the dev team doesn't take it seriously.
It seems to me that the development team underestimates that the app is a total failure. It is imperative that help center and members of the dev-team take this more seriously.
De- and re-installing doesn't better the situation!
The following problems occur with the new Evernote app 10.5 (1110172) 
under Android (C431E27R2P5), which is the last version of Android.
1. It is impossible to clip web content from a range of different browsers and apps. After hitting SAVE in Evernote one of two results are reached: Either, the process of clipping is shown via the moving circle that clipping is under way, but there is no end to this and the app has to be closed. Or: the clipping ends with the message "Clip is saved"
In neither case, the clip is saved, appears neither in the Android app nor other apps/websites of my account. Open and closing, de- and re-installing the app or changing browsers - nothing changes the result.
 I clipped an example content and sent the activity log. Silence from the dev team.
2. It is impossible to connect keywords to existing notes with no keywords. Clicking on the keyword symbol neither shows the list of existing keywords nor allows for typing in a new one. Is there already a keyword connected to a note I've found a way to access the keyword file but I haven't checked this thoroughly enough in order to be able to confirm that there will be no error in the future. 
De- and re-installing the app which you proposed didn't do the trick. The error persists.
3. It's similar with switching notebooks or access them. The notebooks I created are sometimes listed (in the left frame), sometimes not. Accessing the notebook out of the notebook sometimes work, sometimes not. If I try to switch a note to another notebook, no list of notebooks is given, the search function doesn't work, and it is impossible to switch the notebook.
4. Formatting notes is impossible if the note is displayed in a field titled "HTML content" which is sometimes the case.
This frame is not shown when the same note is displayed in other apps/website of Evernote.
Otherwise a note without this frame can be formatted but, compared to the old app, the process is complicated, tortuous, and very slow.
Let me conclude: in my understanding there are extremely severe shortcomings and comprehensive bugs in the functionality of the app. It seems the app is rolled out prematurely and without the proper testing. The piecemeal approach you try with your recommendations won't work if the development team does not look at their own errors more thoroughly.
I again urge you to let us access the previous app as a remedy!
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Wow, these are major issues as well and will keep me away from re-installing EN 10.5 again to my devices for some time. I think when trying Evernote 10.5 on real world Android devices EN staff would figure out, that they are doing highly wrong. I can only imagine their whole testing and playing around is performed on virtual machines. Therefore they also do not see the extreme lagging performance...virtual machines maybe much faster... well I wonder if Evernote staff uses Android devices at all. From the beginning with the announcement of Evernote 10 for iOS in 2020 the whole Evernote 10 product was built for the iOS-world first. Somewhen they started to focus a little bit more on the windows client as well...but integrating gui behaviour and keyboard shortcuts from the apple world.... Android development comes the very last in priority in my perception.

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I made the mistake of updating to the latest version this morning when Evernote informed me of the "new" Evernote for Windows.


I happened to visit a note with a reminder and now I can't use the desktop app. It hangs as soon as it starts up. If I re-launch, it just hangs again. It's dead. I logged out before viewing my notes folder and back logging in. Still hangs. I have rebooted my laptop. No joy.

So I opted to use the we interface. OK, I can now look at my notes. I use the free version so I had to switch from the Windows desktop app as my 2nd device to the browser on my PC being my second device.

Next I open a note in which I have encrypted text. The note spacing/formatting is all off with all kinds of extra line feeds before every encrypted text field. Every note with encrypted text is completely "jumbled". If I "view" some encrypted text field in one of these notes, I can't edit away the formatting issue. So I permanently decrypt one of these encrypted fields. Sure enough, I can get rid of the extra line feed. So, now I try to encrypt that text again. I find out that encrypting text is a no go on the web version. And then I come to find that you can't encrypt "yet" with the new Windows app either! Can't yet? Why is encryption a feature that didn't make it into the first release? You can view encrypted text, but you can't encrypt text? So, when will it be added back? I'm not confident of a timely timeline... if ever.

What's annoying is that even through all the scaling back Evernote has done to device counts, etc. I decided to not migrate to something else specifically because of the inter-note encryption which seems to be an Evernote exclusive and one which I use a LOT. So, maybe after all of the effort Evernote says it's put into "improving" their product, it's finally driven me to revisit migrating to another note taking solution.

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Lots of 1 star ratings because of how terrible the new android app is. And yeah, clipping content on my phone is a major part of it, and doesn't work consistently anymore.

I keep intuitively trying to use evernote the way it used to be.... but then I remind myself, that it either doesn't exist now, or is broken. Evernote completely fails to fulfill any of my use-cases anymore.

After a decade of paying of evernote I'm going to be looking for alternatives.

There have been many bad evernote updates over the years, but none as bad as this one.

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