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Inconsistency in saved search between Windows and Android 10.5

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In Windows currently, and in Android versions prior to 10.5, the following saved search would find all notes in "My Notebook" that either had the tag "Now" or no tags at all. If a note had a tag "Later", for example, and no tag "Now", it wouldn't appear:

notebook:"My Notebook" any: tag:Now -tag:*

In Android 10.5, this no longer works. It is pulling in notes from other notebooks, different tags, etc. In Windows it finds the correct handful of notes. In Android it finds thousands.

I've gone around and around with support on this, but they are not understanding the issue. Every interaction with them is like starting from scratch. Coming here to see if the good folks here can help. Thanks.

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After some more interaction with support, it appears that saved searches are broken with this syntax. The syntax works if you type it in manually in the search bar. The saved search shortcut is still in the menu, and is broken, but now they consider this a "future feature" that I can advocate for in the feedback. What?! You broke basic functionality that I've used for years, and now it's a "future enhancement"?

Anyone know how to revert back to the previous version?

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I am also attempting a conversion back to OneNote. I used this in the early 2000s but moved to Evernote because of its great features back then. It appears OneNote may have caught up, and these buggy Evernote releases and poor support are becoming problematic. I'll post here how it goes.

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