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I hope for a friendly answer, sos.

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I wrote to the customer center.
However, the answer has not yet come.
While waiting for a response from the customer center, I also leave a message here.
I hope that angelic people will help me.

I am an Evernote paid user since 2014. (evernote plus)

Please understand that my English is not good.
So, please answer with easy words.
I am using Google Translator.

1. I applied for a business trial version (free),
I want to cancel. How do I apply?

2. Can I apply for a premium trial version?
If possible, please tell me how to apply.

3. This time, Evernote mobile version has been upgraded.
I accidentally deleted the contents of a note.
I didn't delete the note.
I want to restore the content.
What should I do?
If you help me, you are blessed.

4. While applying for a business trial version,
I can't see the notes in my original account (A account@mail),
When I log in with my newly created business account (B account@mail), I can see the notes.

Why is this? I want to manage all the notes in the 'A account'. What should I do?

5. I am a paid user. It's a plus version.
I tried upgrading to the premium version,
I can't pay for a card that I use well. Even if I use another card, I can't pay.
But I've been subscribing to the Play Store for years with the same card.
I do not know why. Ask for an answer.

6. While using the premium version,
If I want to downgrade to the plus version again,
what should I do?

7. Is it possible to log in securely? (ex: otp login)
It's hard to find where it is.

Thank you very much.
Good luck together.

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