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How can I downgrade back to Evernote 8.13.x?

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I am looking for a procedure to revert my Evernote for Android back to the previous version (8.13.x). The latest version of Evernote for Android has left me crippled, and I need to get the functionality and features back:

  1. Opening .pdf attachments in Acrobat instead of in Evernote's incantation of it.
  2. Open Web Links in my default browser instead of (again) Evernote's poor excuse for an internal browser.
  3. Return the ability to assign shortcuts to notes on the Android home screen.


I am not certain where the evolution of this product is going but, being a premium member since 2010, I am concerned that I may have to part ways with my old reliable tool if this type of disregard for basic features goes on.


Please provide me with an APK or some way of returning to a previous version until the newer version is fully baked.

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