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ScanSnap Home as document management alternative to Evernote


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Is anyone here on the forums using ScanSnap Home as  document management front end? 

I've found it in conjunction with OneDrive as the file storage location to be a passable alternative to Evernote for my use case, with a tagging system available for data retrieval.
It's not a note taking software, its a file management system in much the same vein as Paperport so it won't work for everyone. 

There are some elements that are "kludgy" such as sometimes having to manually request a reload folder for new documents to appear, or .pdf editing within ScanSnap viewer limited to files generated via the scan snap scanner. But these are minor and not insurmountable. 

The most appealing aspect is that your files remain in their native format within a OneDrive folder, or local folders for sensitive documents you do not wish to be on the cloud. There is no proprietary format or html containers and if scansnap home disappears tomorrow your data is unaffected. 

I'd be interested to know of others using the software and use cases. 

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