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I found this.  Evernote was on the selected list on my Samsung Note 10+ so deselected and will know soon if it works. Hope this helps some of yinz...


UPDATE - this didn't help me out. Maybe the new system update will shake something up but I highly doubt it. Evernote might just be a once good app that can't keep up. I hate to say it but might just be time to go with the evil empire and OneNote

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On 2/27/2021 at 10:19 PM, GermanBuccaneer said:


since the latest Android Update (on Android 11) I don't get any notifications for my reminders - which renders the whole system pretty much useless.

Please fix it ASAP.

An while you're at it - let us sort the list of our reminders, again.


Thanks a lot in advance

Hello! This is a user forum. No one here is able to modify the software.

As it happens reminders work fine for me on Android.

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According to Support team they know about the issue. No time frame for resolution so doesn't seem like much has changed under new management. I love this app, it's a shame what it's become. I was so excited for massive update they rolled out and turns out it's just same old story with a facelift.

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