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I dont get any Mails when I try to get a new Password



Hi, I really hope you can help me.
I crashed my old phone and when I tried to get evernote running on my new phone it told me to get a new passwort (i forgott my old one).
The message said that I had to reactivate it with the new PW, but my problem is that I dont get any mails. I tried it again and again but no mails.
They are not in my spam folder and not in my trash can.
Please help.

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May be. Are you sure it is registered to that email account you are watching ?

Sometimes the account was registered to another email, and since the mail address is rarely needed, it is forgotten to be changed when the email changed.

Have you tried a reset with the new account ? This would show that the transfer from EN to your account is working. Because another explanation would be that your mail provider treats EN as spam source - then the mails would be filtered. If filtered in transfer, they will not show up in your Spam folder.

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