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No matter how hard I try, I can't stop Evernote from duplicating my notes whenever I switch back and forth between my Mac and IOS, so I constantly need to scan both to see which is more up-to-date. Between that non-stop issue and the ability to choose my own default font size, I plan to say goodbye to Evernote this week. It's not worth the money I'm paying each month.

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2 hours ago, garthbnyc said:

whenever I switch back and forth between my Mac and IOS

You may have defined your problem right there,  but if you're leaving anyways - good luck with your new provider... 😊

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34 minutes ago, garthbnyc said:

I have? Please explain. Are you saying the issue is jumping back and forth between Mac OS and IOS? That seems off, doesn't it?



Well - both devices sync their content - and your edits - to the Evernote servers.  So to make changes on one device and then jump to another,  you need to make sure that the changes have been saved by device #1,  and have been loaded by device #2.  If you left the note open on device #1 it may still be talking to the server by the time you're using the other access - at which point the server has two versions of the note being presented to it your changes on device #1 and some more changes on device #2.

At which point it has a nervous breakdown and saves both of them seprately so that you can sort them out later.

Better to work on one device and then exit Evernote - which forces a sync to the server.  Then move to another device and (ideally) open Evernote - which wakes the app up to sync the latest changes from the server - and then continue working. 

The mantra is to sync both before and after working on any device,  and to avoid having Evernote open on more than one at a time.   

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This is super helpful advice. Thanks very much. I'll be more careful about syncing and closing before I switch devices.

Any word/advice on font preferences? I so miss being able to set my default font size. Sixteen is just a little too big for me.

Thanks again.

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