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Hi all,

I add loads of PDFs to Evernote for later reading. Is there a way to open the PDF in an external PDF reader (such as PDF Expert) on the iPad, annotate it and automatically save the annotations back to Evernote?
This works on the Mac but on the iPad I have to share to PDF Expert and then share back to Evernote which creates a new note. This is probably a limitation of iOS but I would be interested in other users workflows for PDF annotation. 
Hopefully the PDF functionality will get better in Evernote on the iPad as it is ok for reading but not annotating based on my needs.

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it is so frustrating to deal with this pdf annotation issue. For some reason in windows application the pdf won't open in my chosen pdf annotator and on ipad it wont open either. You have to open in pdf editor on ipad and keep making new notes with new pdf annotation. Evernote is going to go bankrupt as users like me which have been loyal are going to leave in mass. No one from evernote answers these questions. I am going to write letter to ceo who has no idea what his users need. 

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The annotation tool is horrible. You’ll have to import your pdf to a better tool like Notability, make your annotations in there and then import them back to Evernote.  I haven’t been on here for years because EN rarely answers your questions.  I was looking for any improvements with this tool and it seems no one at EN has addressed it for YEARS!

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