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(Archived) how to search for attributes?


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In the windows client there's a very convenient panel below the tags to search for notes containing filetypes or according to creation date. I have a piece of documentation for search term syntax to do this from the search input form, but is this panel somewhere in the app?

Also, what is the search syntax to look filetypes up and does the app know the same syntax as the window client?

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Yes. Android client is using the same search type with web client.

Search for resource type:

resource:[MIME type string] - will match notes that have a resource with a MIME type that matches the argument. E.g.:

· resource:image/gif

o Matches notes with at least one image/gif resource

· resource:audio/*

o Matches notes with at least one audio resource

· -resource:image/*

o Matches notes with no images

for resource type with updated date

resource:audio/* updated:week-1

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