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(Archived) Feature request: local folder links



I'd dearly love the option to add links to local folders. It's the only way to integrate my EN use with certain other things I do. This isn't the same as dragging files into EN notes -- eg. what if I want a note to be related to a project which has a folder with hundreds of large files in it, putting it on the wrong side of even a year's worth of EN uploads? Also dragging large numbers of files into notes loses dir structure, which is often crucial to projects.

The current behaviour is to add a zip archive when I drag a folder in, which I never use.

I understand that local links break when used elsewhere, but that's no reason for it not be an option.

This is a near-dupe of another post (viewtopic.php?f=30&t=19510&p=80919&hilit=local+file+links#p80816), but it's folders rather than files that really exercises me.

This feature used to exist in some version of EN on Windows (don't remember which). I really hope that this option hasn't been removed) in order to 'encourage' people to put everything in EN, rather than use EN notes to link disparate sources together (which is my preference). If the company aim is to encourage EN as an everything-container rather than organiser for disparate sources, would it be possible for someone (Dave?) to state this explicitly, so that those of use who want to use it in a different way can make future usage decisions with all the relevant information to hand?


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I believe that the 2.0 Client does away with restrictions on link types embedded in notes.

(...and you'd better believe I've got some fun AppleScript-related ideas for utilizing this!)

What this means is that you should be able to embed a link to a file or folder in a format something like this:


One caveat -- keep in mind that spaces will need to be URL encoded (e.g., "%20" instead of a space). One quick and easy way to get a working link is to Control-Click the icon of the file you want a link for and use the "Open With..." function in Finder to open it in Safari. Even if Safari won't open the selected filetype, you'll notice that it's address bar contains a properly encoded link. :)

Hope this helps!

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Thanks Justin, and well-spotted (I hadn't noticed this). Wish OS X had a quick way to copy a file/folder path from Finder.

I wonder if it is possible to intercept an Evernote drop action from Applescript? I can't imagine ever wanting to have a dropped folder being zipped up (EN's default action for dropped folders), whereas I'd make plenty of use of local folder links.

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There's probably a way to make a "Droplet" that does this -- not really "intercepting" Evernote's natural behavior, but probably useful.... I'll look into it!

I'll keep an eye out. Thanks btw for making so much applescript stuff for EN available.

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