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Hi, I am enjoying a lot of the new version and have some requests/suggestions: 

1) SHORT-CUT - REMINDER EDIT: please add a short-cut for the 'reminder' to pop up the reminder bar without needing a mouse click. Additionally, please create a short-cut for "set reminder to tomorrow" - if that is one click through that I would be doing too much better setting 'tomorrow reminders throughout the day as I add notes, and then I could pretty easily organize them at the end of the day to plan work for tomorrow or future. Currently there is a lot of clicking involved, so then I skip planning because it takes too long in the moment and in this scattered world - and being a working mom - so I don't get back to it reliably, which is a massive project management issue, using GTD like methods generally. These two short-cut would massively support timely note project management.

2) contract the reminder edit menu: it's currently two clicks for editing a current reminder after clicking on the reminder icon. Please contract it into one click, just like for setting a new reminder. Ideally the short options of tomorrow, etc. also are available on this edit window - not sure why they are currently different.

3) add "today" as reminder choice option. most times I set a reminder for today, not tomorrow, - to make sure I either do things or plan them for a future date, so there I miss a menu option for both edit and new reminders for "today". without this feature I may just have to organize my work a day ahead, which would be better project management. still this would be helpful to have as alternative to "tomorrow". 

4) Be able to edit the reminder for multiple notes all at once. just like moving multiple notes into one notebook, I'd like to be able to set multiple notes to one reminder date. Management multiple projects with dozens of tasks and notes that I organize following GTD/Cal Newport methods into do dates for all tasks and import work, it's vital to set and edit reminders quickly so that the speed that this takes does not stop me from being organized.

Thanks, Kirsten

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