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Premium account since 2013.  About 5000 notes.   I don't want to update my phone (Android 10 OneUI v3) with the update that popped up this week.

Working mainly off the Windows desktop app due I have stopped traveling for work.  I have not updated my Windows app either.  Can't believe I'm almost grateful to COVID.

For shame EN.


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5 minutes ago, Carl-L-ND said:

I don't want to update my phone

There are pro and cons with any update   
It's a good idea to review the feedback before committing to an upgrade    
I see no problem holding back on an upgrade; I'm still running the legacy version

Window/Mac users can downgrade to the Legacy version, or run both Legacy and Version 10 side by side

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I recommend you don't update the Android app!! Version 10.x is very buggy at the moment, and I'm having to put up with it thanks to a Play Store auto-update on my phone, which runs Android 11, but both of my tablets are stuck on Android 6, and the version 10.5 update is currently limited to Android 10 and 11, so I've disabled auto-updates for Evernote there. Just be sure you're on Android app version 8.13.3, as that's the current 8.x release as of this reply.

On Windows, you can get "Evernote Legacy" from Evernote's support website, and that installs alongside the new version.

EDIT: I've made a thread here about all of the bugs I've found thus far. If I have the time to do so, I'll do one for the Windows version as well.

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