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(Archived) Feature Request : Night View and Rocker Scroll


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Now that we have DL to phone on here, I am thinking of porting a mojority of my read it later account directly to evernote. I have two requests and I wonder how easy they would be:

[list=]As a menu item when a note is opened, have an option of day / night view. As many of the notes are simple text, I imagine it wouldn't be to difficult to change the background and foreground text between white/black and black/white, you might even be able to inject a CSS if you are just using the browser to render pages.

Allow page scroll, either by tapping on the top and bottom of the screen, or by re-purposing the volume rocker to allow page scrolls. With long text, it gets to be a hastle in both evernote and the browser if your phone doesn't have a d-pad or trackball (one reason I liked the G1 over the Droid)

Hopefully you guys don't think these are horrible ideas, as it would at least make my life a lot easier.



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