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Just installed the latest version of your app (10.5) on my android phone (android 11)
I have some recipes on there - in the prev version, when i went into the note, it would keep the display on until I closed the note down, which is what you need if you are making a recipe, the latest version times out to the phone settings, so the display shuts down after 30 secs - I have to swipe the screen and log back into my phone to get back to the note
this is useless for a note you want to read like a recipe or anything you are trying to read in a meeting etc - please fix !
Also seems to take longer once app opened to be able to edit notes etc
Bring back the previous version - this version is very disappointing - I now cannot use the app on my phone in a way that works for me - it always used t0 !
I am also a plus subscriber -
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