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Every time open Evernote, Moodnotes opens in App Store

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Every time I freshly open up Evernote on my phone, without doing anything, a little black drop-down box says:

Importing “Moodnotes app almost like an emotional record” 12 clips remaining 

This has nothing to do with any of my notes or account. I have never made a note that says such things. But more importantly, it immediately/automatically switches to the Moodnotes download page on the App Store.

It’s driving me crazy. See attached clip.

Note: No, clicking the X on the back drop-down does not stop this or prevent it from happening again. 

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I have exactly the same problem! Only it says it has 2 clips remaining & it's an app store story...


HORRID - Every time you open Evernote!  I don't know how to stop this process, any suggestions would be brilliant.

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@mh9 So interesting that it is happening with a different app. Based on @P Tripoli’s comment, I’m thinking at some random point in the past, we saved an app to Evernote or something and it created an endless feedback loop or something. I’m wondering how we can shut it down. 

My first thought is I’m to delete Evernote off of my phone and try to redownload it to see if it builds things from the ground up once more this eliminating that “loop.” 

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