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Evernote for Mac will not close!


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  • 3 weeks later...

I've deleted and re-installed a couple of times. Same behaviour. App launches on its own and keeps forcing itself to the front of screen making my Mac unusable. I have had to delete completely. early annoyed with this as paying a subscription, I've bee a user for 10 years...

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First things first: I would get rid of the AppStore version of the EN client. It is the same software, but it will execute in a sandbox. This can create side effects. To make a clean uninstall, use the AppCleaner app, and check all components to be uninstalled.

Then go to Evernote.com, all the way down, click on download from the list at the bottom of the landing page. Install the .dmg file that will (normally automatically) download. Log in, wait for the initial sync to take place. Try again if the weird behavior continues.

You can install legacy side by side to v10 if you wish.

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Have you checked your launch objects in the Macs settings, users & groups yet ?

If EN is there, it will start itself. Remove it by selecting it, and click the "-" symbol at the bottom of the list. If you want to launch it, but hidden, select the checkmark behind the EN entry in the list.

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Hi. Yes that was absolutely the very first thing I checked when this issue started. It isn’t set to open at log in. Even if it was once you quit it it should stay closed. It has been just persistent. I have cleared everything again using Appcleaner and I have checked through my library and can’t see any evidence of Evernote. Next time I start up I’m going to re install again from scratch and will let you know how it goes. 

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