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Basic functionality is broken now

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Hi, I am somewhat concerned about the android app Evernote because of the February update it became a daunting task to use it, especially when typing...

The app needed NO update and there are quiet a few things that got broken instead....the app even freezes and has to be restarted at times, it already happened to me a few times and the app got updated a few hours ago... The app used work almost perfectly fine the update broke a LOT more than it fixed...it even feels less professional now
Not a single one of the "fixed" issues were broken, at least, not for me and how can a "new" feature be back?
Support email address that I got from the app itself will not answer or even promise to take a look at the issues that I stated stated...
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The android app is irreparably broken and Evernote needs to immediately roll back to a previous version. 


Simple functionality like writing a note, snappier a picture, and reading notes DO NOT WORK ON THE LATEST VERSION OF THE ANDROID APP! 

Evernote, I've been a loyal, paying customer for 6 years and have put up with the minor inconveniences. This is completely different and has caused the whole use case to break down and make the product unusable. 


You need to take immediate action and roll back to a known working version! 


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