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Reminder sometimes not working



When I click the Bell icon to Edit Reminder, sometimes it is not working.  If I Quit Evernote completely and restart Evernote, it becomes ok, working.  But this is getting irritating when I need to Quit and Restart Evernote.  Is this a bug?  Does anyone face this problem?

10.8.4-mac-mas-public (458463)
Editor: v118.1.15148
Service: v1.28.1

macOS Big Sur Version 11.2

M1 MacBook Air



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I am getting the same problem in Evernote Web 10.9.2-web (235).  Running in Safari.

By the way, how can I tag this topic?  I saw some posts topic with tag on.  I would like to tag this topic for Mac and Web.

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Yes, I have the same problem. If using it in Safari, which I prefer to the Electron app, reloading Evernote solves the problem, for a little while. Not a show stopper, but it would be nice if this one could be fixed.


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