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App auto-updated and I lost all changes made to notes in the past 2 weeks

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Earlier this month I tried a free trial of Evernote Premium and didn't find the extra features useful for me so I canceled before the free trial ran out. During the free trial I used more than the 60MB Basic monthly upload limit. So when my account went back to Basic, I still had 16 days left in the month and it wouldn't let me sync until then. I thought it would be fine and that I would only make changes to notes on my phone app so there are not conflicts and after the 16 days it would all sync up again. Then last night (14 days in), the google play store auto-updated my Evernote app to version 10 and all the changes I made in the past 14 days are no longer showing up on the app.

I'm wondering if the data for those changes are still stored somewhere on my phone or if there is any other way I could get them back.


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