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Major 10.5 Android DOWNGRADE

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Added a true dark mode, GREAT (finally) . Dark Widgets that used to exist? GONE! Launcher shortcuts, useful for accessing specific notes or in my case, having a shortcut that scans receipts and files them in the proper notebook? GONE.  This was the most used thing in Evernote for me!  Just about daily, I scan receipts and now I need to start the camera, scan, then move the note instead of pressing one button.  Not earth changing, but it was something I valued and that I used to show others why they should consider this service. I've been a paid user since 2009 and haven't looked at alternatives for years, that changes today. Maybe I stay because like in the past, nothing else works for me, BUT Iif this simple functionality wasn't removed? I wouldn't be looking at all! 

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