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(Archived) Feature request - Trunk ratings system, Trunk Community

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On another thread, an Evernote user brought up a great point about having a forum to discuss Evernote Trunk partner integrations. I think this is a great idea, as it will allow Evernote users to share best practices with each other for making the most of various integrations.

In addition, I think it would be really valuable to have some kind of rating system that users could refer to that would be specific to the Evernote integration - not just the product itself. There are some fantastic integrations out there, but let's face it, some are much better than others, some have really made the most of Evernote APIs, and some have only a marginal relationship to Evernote. I think it would be very valuable for Evernote users to be able to share their opinions on their favorite integrations, which will in turn encourage other users to try them out, or perhaps, give a gentle prod to developers to re-think how they've integrated with Evernote based on user feedback. I just tried out one iPhone app that is featured in the Trunk, and while the app itself might be ok, it's synchronization with Evernote is convoluted and somewhat flaky. The app does many other things, and it's involvement with Evernote is only one part of its functionality. Yet for Evernote users, its issues syncing with the service are of paramount importance, and trump any other functionality that might be discussed in the app store reviews.

Overall, I think the Trunk is a great idea, and it's really grown on me. It's fantastic that Evernote has such robust APIs and that many innovative companies are taking advantage of them. But I think what's missing at this stage is community. It's great that there are all these integrations, but which ones really matter to me as an Evernote user, with my style of using the platform? Which ones really work as advertised? How can I share my favorite partnerships with other users, as well as tips and tricks? Other than random forum posts which probably might not get read by many people, there isn't a way to share this.

Including some sort of ratings and reviews seems like a logical step forward for the Trunk, and I hope you are considering it down the road. Keep up the great work on developing these partnerships.

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