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(Archived) WISHLIST: add Wiki capability!

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A wiki-like capability would be an incredible enhancement for EN!

Suppose I had a database on birds.

I create a note on, say, "brown-breasted warbler" and use that phrase as the title. I include pictures and all kinds of detailed information specific to brown-breasted warblers in the note. I also designate the "brown-breasted warbler" title of this note as a "wiki title" by checking a check box or something.

Now, let's say that in some other note I am discussing warblers in general but make a reference to the brown-breasted warbler (using that exact spelling). Since the "brown-breasted warbler" has been designated as a wiki note, the occurence of that phrase in the more general Warbler note would automatically link to it.

Think about the implications that "wiki-fication" could have for a database of notes which are rich in complex terminology! This is very serious power!

Adding wiki-like capability would catapult EN light years ahead of OneNote!

Please seriously consider adding wiki capability to Evernote!

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