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Firefox WebClipper breaks accessibility on all web sites for checkbox

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Hi.  Using the space bar on checkboxes in the page you quote doesn't work in Chrome either.  Did you try disabling or removing the Clipper add-in from your browser?

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Yes, That is right, I disabled the clipper add-on and it starts working. I tried this multiple times. I assumed it was my app at the first since it was working somewhere else.

In retrospect, it works in a checkbox that is inside an iframe, but not the regular page.

I just disabled the extension for now.

Just to clarify, this is a bug. I got redirected here from various sources to create a community issue. I could not find a simple way to reach support.

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If you are in your Evernote Account Summary page. And click right top on your account name, you see contact support option.
Can make you some screenshots if that helps. 😀

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2 minutes ago, sairamk said:

If it came to screenshots for trying to contact support, the UX has failed or was intentionally directed to a forum.

For clarification, I'm just a customer like you. On this forum you'll find mostly normal everyday users of the product. 
When you need technical help done by the company, you'll need to contact Evernote via their contact pages.

Your first post seems like a (nasty) bug, something only Evernote can fix... 
I can only point you in this direction in the hope you'll get the support needed.

If sceenshot helps, let me know...


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Thanks @ArjenC for choosing to help out.

I visited the support URL, It shows a 10 day response time delay. I have spent good amount of time trying to isolate the bug itself.

Since the forum topic says Possible Bugs/Technical Issues, I am sure someone from the team  will find this issue and eventually fix, since it breaks basic accessibility for HTML forms.

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I recently (last week) made a support ticket, had a very quick response.... also experienced 10+ day response time... So I hope you'll get help soon.👍

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