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How can I prevent the upgrade to Evernote 10? I want to keep my Legacy Evernote version running!

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Hi All,

I'm using Evernote Version 6.25 on Windows.

How can I prevent Evernote getting upgraded to v 10? 

I had thought that I'd have to act to upgrade to the new Evernote so I thought I could hold off until I'm ready (and until the new Evernote has the features I value as a longtime power user).  But yesterday I opened Evernote on my second computer and found that it had been upgraded automatically (ARRGHHH!).  I defintely don't want that to happen on my main computer!!!!  Please advise how I can be sure to keep Legacy Evernote!  

I'd really appreciate help on this,



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The only difference between the two (AFAIK) is that 6.25.2 will co-exist with v10 on the same device and won't update itself.  6.25.1 is the last public release that I'm still using (with updating OFF) on the basis I've been using it happily(ish) up to now,  and I don't need the excitement of getting used to v10 anytime soon...  😎

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(1) The "Options" option does not appear in my Evernote 10 version, so I can't unselect auto upgrade.

(2) Evernote 10 (which I did not choose) lacks all of the formatting tools that I see atop this "reply" screen. I can't find any "formatting" in Evernote 10.

(3) I recognize this is a poorly placed "rant." I've been a paying Evernote customer for a while. I'm on deadline. I do not have time for toys; I need a viable tool. Evernote has been this for me, heretofore.

(4) I apologize for my bad manners by posting this here. I'm going back to my deadline work. 

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6 hours ago, Pete I Am said:

The "Options" option does not appear in my Evernote 10 version, so I can't unselect auto upgrade.

The question here was how to stop the older public versions of Evernote from upgrading to v10.  If you're already there,  it's probably better to keep updating for the next several months at least,  to get the most recent bug fixes and 'new' features (the ones that were missed out at launch).  As commented above - if you want to get back to the previous version,  the quickest way would be to install the Legacy app,  which co-exists with the new version,  and will not upgrade itself. 

Note: Staying with the old public or Legacy versions is not a permanent solution.  At some stage Evernote is going to put increasing pressure on us 'oldies' to convert to the new system.  That hopefully will be some months down the line when the new version has achieved parity with the old one!

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In general I agree. The only difference is to have a green or a grey app symbol. WTF - what we need is a working, efficient app.

Since they both share the same code and data base, when one will stop to work, the other will do the same. Using the "non legacy" old version IMHO will not protect against being exposed to v10 at a point in time in the future, if one like it or not.

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