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Feature Request - Searching for or Selecting a Note should Highlight the Note in the Sidebar



Searching for a note, Selecting a Note, or Selecting a Note in the Note List View should also Highlight the note in the Sidebar; this would enable users to quickly access all corresponding Notes organized in that Stack and/or Notebook.


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Plus 1 on @Snugz request above.  I'll expand on that, I'd like to be able to customize the sidebar a bit as well, with an eye towards being able to quickly find the notebook/stack that my current note lives in.  E.g. when looking at a note, the related notebook should highlight and move into the current view in sidebar.  Likewise, I'd request some kind of ability to perform minor sidebar customization, such as picking several notebooks to have bold text names, or colored text names.  Also, the ability to hide the 'what's new' and 'send feedback' buttons into the pull down menu.  Window real estate is too prime for those items.  thanks much.

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